Watching the grass grow (05750027)

M6TTL, 50 Hex, TMY2, Xtol Stock, Coolscan 9000

M6TTL, 50 Hex, TMY2, Xtol Stock, Coolscan 9000

Nothing like a 30 inch monitor to completely isolate you in the world of work. You can just fall right into that thing.

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  1. 30″ and no height adjustment? Dearie me!

  2. I particularly like the high-tech stand. And, btw, if I was gonna shoot color film, I’d shoot Ektar. I really like it quite a bit. I have some samples on my blog if you wanna take a peek.

  3. That stand is easily adjustable and universally available, and it save my neck and shoulders.

    Chris, that Ektar looks mighty punchy. Might be a bit too much for my tastes.

  4. matt – on the colour film, my recent stuff from London (pre-marathon) was all on basic Superia 200 film (cheap and readily available), using Colorneg profiles after scanning. Produces a pretty neutral result that responds well to post processing. Grain level seems similar to FP4+.

  5. Martin, I haven’t shot Superia in ages, but it was once a favorite. I’ll have to look for some in the grocery or drug store.

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