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M6TTL, 50 Hex, Neopan 100ss, D76 1:1

M6TTL, 50 Hex, Neopan 100ss, D76 1:1

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  1. Hi Matt –

    First of all, congratulations. You have great photos here!

    I am writing because I know that you had/have a Konica Hexar RF and now you shoot with an M6. I ahve an M6 and I am thinking to change it for a Hexar. Why? Most because of AP and 1/4000. What is your opinion? I shoot mostly with Neopan 1600.




  2. André,

    I’ve still got my Hexars, but I’ve been thinking about selling them – let me know if you are interested. They are fine cameras, and really much more useful in a broader range of scenarios than the Leica. That top shutter speed is great for fast films. The aperture priority and motordrive are great for social shooting; it’s a good party or bar camera. The VF/RF isn’t quite as good as the Leica’s, but the difference is minimal.

    As I said, I’m thinking of selling mine. Both have some paint loss and other cosmetic issues, so the price would be quite low. An easy entry point if you want to give the Hexar a try.


  3. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I would love to buy the Hexar from you. But I live in Argentina and I will have problems with customs. I found one here for about 450 dollars. Is the price OK?

    Thanks again.


  4. Andre,

    Depending on the condition, that’s a pretty good price. Good luck with it.


  5. BTW, Andre, love the photos you’ve got on flickr. Beautiful stuff. I’m sure you’ll put the Hexar to good use.

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