Untitled (05710029)

M6TTL, ZM Biogon 35 F2, Neopan 100ss, Rodinal 1:50

M6TTL, ZM Biogon 35 F2, Neopan 100ss, Rodinal 1:50

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  1. Hi Matt,
    This one is realy wonderful, great light, great expression capturing a moment of introspection, a perfect dof (looks like shot wide open to me) and a composition artly balanced with that dark jacket hanging on the door. The technique is also admirable – I would have expected such a slow film in Rodinal to come out much “harder”. I think this is one of the best portraits of Kate… BTW I got the two famous hat shots hanging at the entrance of my new Monaco office now…

  2. Hey Marek,

    Glad the hat shots have found a good home.

    This was done close to wide-open. I’d pre-focused and composed, and I wasn’t actually looking through the camera when I tripped the shutter.

    I’m learning that Rodinal doesn’t have to be a ‘hard’ developer. Used 1:50 or 1:100 with gentle agitation you get a nice, full range of tones and good acutance. A little grain too, but that’s fine with me.

    Hope all is well in Monaco,


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