this weekend

  • Went to see some Hiroshi Sugimoto prints at the Hirshhorn; hung out in that rarely open gallery upstairs, with the curved leather couches and the view of the mal mall.
  • At Ate a tasty sandwich at Taylor Gourmet; drank too much soda.
  • Killed some time at the Portrait Gallery looking at the Norman Rockwell exhibit; the man was a modernist.
  • Went to Inception; Christopher Nolan has identity issues

3 Replies to “this weekend”

  1. Ha … I hadn’t thought of it as identity issues for Christopher Nolan, but now that you said it …

  2. Just checked 1pt4 for the first time in ages…you’re alive! Ever since your FB profile went dark, I assumed you had been compromised by the ping pong army.

  3. I am alive. Mostly. It’s hot here, so my brain is slow.

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