This place has disapointing coffee. (05540008)

M6TTL, 50 Hex, CHS 50, Rodinal

M6TTL, 50 Hex, CHS 50, Rodinal

3 Replies to “This place has disapointing coffee. (05540008)”

  1. Hi Matt, I think this photo is quite intruiging, due in part to the way the dark downpipe divides the frame such that the right hand side of the frame is a square. There’s a good range of tones, too. Of course, I’m also thinking…that place serves coffee? Regards, Rod

  2. Rod, I hadn’t actually noticed that the drain pipe makes a square. Interesting.

    There’s a small cafe inside the building (the main computer science building on the campus), but the coffee is pretty weak.

    Thanks for commenting on the photo. It’s always interesting to get other perspectives.

  3. You’re welcome, Matt. This shot jumped out at me. Try cropping the right edge to just inside the edge of the building (to exclude the trees beyond) and a little from the lower edge to retain the square formed by the downpipe. That seems to strengthen the graphic look. Nice!

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