B&W Technique Photos

Mistakes and Failures

The other day when I meant to grab 2 rolls of FP4 that had been shot at 125, I grabbed one that had been shot at 250. This turned out to be a happy mistake as the negs from the roll at 125 turned out really dense. The roll at 250 came out with great tonality, but there are these horrid striations parallel to the long edge of the neg and occasional places where the emulsion is completely clear. It’s really only visible in the thinner parts of the neg, but it makes most of these more or less un-printable, which really sucks; I like a lot of these shots.

I’m not sure what happened here, but since it effects both rolls, I’m going to go with a problem with the developer, a bottle of Tmax Dev that’s been on the shelf for . . . uh, yeah . . . I don’t know how long probably means too long. Oh, well. The one of Kate would be particularly pretty if it weren’t all messed up.

Click on the thumbnails to see each image larger. The problem is easiest to see in the last image.