M6TTL, CV 35 1.4 SC, HP5, XTOL 1+1, 82F, 6 minutes

I’ve finished up shooting for SOFOBOMO 2010. I’ve still got a bit of post processing to do (and redo -see the middle of the set on flickr), but I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’ve got to work with. See the last post for a link to the set.

In other news, it’s going to break 100F today. When I developed a roll of HP5 yesterday, the developer came out at 82F even after being cut with ice water. HP5 has longer development times than TMY2, but it was still a brief 6 minutes in the soup. I should write post one day about developing in the heat, something I first learned to do in South Korea, and something I’m having to relearn in DC as we don’t have central AC.

It’s hot (06910027)

Hot hot heat

96 today with heat index of OMFG-its-going-to-be-miserable. Have I mentioned we don’t have central air? Window units all the way.

Roll 604

M6TTL, 50 Hex & CV 35 1.4 SC, Neopan 100ss, D76 1:1

Extra fog and weirdness courtesy of opening the M6 before I had finished rewinding. Too many of those damn, novelty boot beers ($2 at Mas Amigos).

I’m shooting more than I’m posting, a lot more. I’ve still got photos from Portland ready to post, and I just shot three rolls at the Indianapolis Art Museum yesterday. Also time to re-up my stock of Legacy 400 Pro né Neopan 400. That stuff is cheap and good. The PBR of films.