Stuck (06160011)

C330f, 80 f2.8, Neopan 400, 120, Xtol 1:1

C330f, 80 f2.8, Neopan 400, 120, Xtol 1:1

Looking over the scans from the first rolls of 120, I’m realizing that I forgot to set vuescan’s whitepoint to 0, hence, these scans will show some – 1% is the default – areas as pure white. I had to reset vuescan to its defaults before I could get it scan 120 without crashing; resetting to defaults seems to be the vuescan panacea, but it always takes me a while to remember to put back all of my preferences.

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  1. Great photo. I bet you could make a monster print from that.

  2. Matt, that leaf just seems to leap off the screen. There’s a 3D effect going on here for me. I hope you’re happy with the Mamiya.

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