SoFoBoMo Version 2, Roll2

M6TTL, ZM Biogon 35 F2, FP4+, Xtol

M6TTL, ZM Biogon 35 F2, FP4+, Xtol

Contact sheet for roll 2

3 Replies to “SoFoBoMo Version 2, Roll2”

  1. Nice composition. I like the mix of white, grey and black. Would love to see this as a print.

  2. Very interesting contact sheet. I see what you were doing with #10 – I like the geometric contrast of the lawn pattern (kind of subtle, but definitely there) and the dividing line of the tree. I also think 23 works for similar reasons – excellent contrast range. 31 is good – I love shadows and am always trying to capture them – some sort of half-remembered feeling they seem to evoke in me. But 37 is the keeper – best composition, best contrast – simple and effective. As usual, very good/intriguing work.

  3. Yes, 37 for me as well. Matt, please do a Blurb book or similar of the best of your work.

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