Roll 612

This is post 990. Still thinking about how to celebrate 1000 posts. Perhaps a blurb book?

In other news, I ordered a Mamiya C330F with an 80 2.8 from KEH this weekend. After looking at a number of medium format cameras, everything from old Rolleiflexs to Hasselblads to various rangefinders, the C330’s combination of a ridiculously low price, good reputation and general goofiness – bellows, rack and pinion – won out over the competition. Look for square photos in the coming weeks.

PS, if anyone is interested, I still have the following items for sale:

2 x Hexar RF, both working, decidedly non collectible condition, but almost entirely serviceable. Body caps and straps included. One for $350, the other for $250. The latter includes a custom rear eye-piece made by the author, but it’s also missing the screw to hold on the frame preview lever; the lever is still there, so you could solve the problem with spot of super glue. I’ll throw in a tiny Nikon flash with each one (SB-30, I think). These are great little auto-flashes for the Hexar.

28 & 90 Hexanon lenses. These are both in good condition, with blemish free glass. Some very slight paint wear on the lens barrels. Rear caps included. $450 for the 28MM, $350 for the 90MM.

35MM Biogon F2. Great shape. There’s a slight blemish on the lens barrel that was there when I bought it in Tokyo. Nice lens, but I always seem to end up using the smaller CV, so someone else should get to give this one a try. Front and rear caps included. $500.

Pictures available on request. Paypal only, but I’ll take a check if you want to wait for it to clear. If anyone wants the whole lot, I’ll throw in some random goodies like a Domke 803 satchel and other various bits. Please buy this stuff. It’s just sitting on my shelf, and it’s getting lonely from disuse. Soon it will start drinking, and drunk RF gear is just a sad sight.

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  1. Big Beast, the C330, but the lenses are very sharp and the flexibility of changing from wide angle to mid-telephoto might be fun (I only ever had the 80mm for the TLR). Looking at the prices falling rapidly on all film cameras is kind of sad and exciting at the same time – opportunity but also a harbinger of a film-poor future, perhaps.


  2. Matt, I love your work and I look forward to seeing your shots with the C330, a classic camera. As for the Blurb book? Well, I see two, One of your urban/robot type shots and another of your pick of the best of Kate. I would happily buy both.

  3. Max, yeah, I’m looking forwarding to the C330. It’s kind of an odd choice given its size, but I figured that I should go for something way different than I used, lest sameness invite invidious comparisons.

    Graham, I’d like to find a way to blend the two themes into a single book. It’s all of piece in my head.

  4. Hey Matt,
    i sent you an email about your Hexars and some Mamiya TLR gear I have. Not sure if I sent it to a current account though!

  5. Is anything left for sale/

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