Roll 610

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  1. Hi Matt, I looked at these last photos, and thought: so Matt has finally found the magic combination…. When I looked at the tag at the bottom, I just could not believe it was Neopan 1600 in Rodinal ! Really incredible… As to the shots, I like the spoons, but the best ones are, as usual, Kate’s potrraits… Take care – Marek

  2. I really like 06100034, and not for crude (!) reasons. It manages to be wonderfully expressive as a portrait and yet it only show a fraction of Kate’s face. Nicely done.


  3. Matt – the Neopan and Rodinal are a brilliant combination. You have really captured the look of “old” Tri-X and Rodinal – the kind of tones and grain with noticeable sharpness and just enough contrast exemplified by 06100032 and 06100014. Beautiful. I know you have mentioned it before, but time? temp? agitation?



  4. All, glad you like them. This turned out better than I expected.

    Max, Rodinal 1:50, Neopan 1600@800, 70F, 7 min, continuous rotational agitation for the first min, 5 inversions per minute thereafter.

  5. Thanks – got to give this a try – I have been doing too much digital lately…


  6. Great series!!
    I like the shot with the coffee plunger and also the shot of your partner smiling with the blurred image of a person walking behind

  7. Thanks, Ferraby. Those are my favorites too.

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