Roll 607

2 Replies to “Roll 607”

  1. As always, some very nice shots. I especially admire the wavy reflection shot – combines a geometric composition element with “distortion” very successfully. I also like the shot of Kate leaning her head against the wall/bench.

    The two sky shots with overhead wires are interesting – shows the potential for abstract composition without losing texture in the clouds – high, but not dropout contrast. Those two also show some fierce vignetting – using a hood? Or is that the natural amount of vignetting with that lens? I have the CV 40mm f1.4, but don’t see that much vignette – looks like a very sharp dropoff at the corners.


  2. Max, the light fall off in the corners is the result of stacking filters. The CV 35 1.4 does have some corner fall off of its own, but nothing quite that precipitous.

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