Roll 604

M6TTL, 50 Hex & CV 35 1.4 SC, Neopan 100ss, D76 1:1

Extra fog and weirdness courtesy of opening the M6 before I had finished rewinding. Too many of those damn, novelty boot beers ($2 at Mas Amigos).

I’m shooting more than I’m posting, a lot more. I’ve still got photos from Portland ready to post, and I just shot three rolls at the Indianapolis Art Museum yesterday. Also time to re-up my stock of Legacy 400 Pro né Neopan 400. That stuff is cheap and good. The PBR of films.

3 Replies to “Roll 604”

  1. Ok, so obviously you’ve shot a lot of Neopan 400 lately and developed it in D76. I just bought a couple rolls to give it a whirl. Any thoughts or feedback before I expose my first rolls?

  2. All these wonderful shots in one roll? Great work, Matt. And the hat is back!

  3. Chris, nothing particular beyond following the directions. I’ve been slowing bumping up the development time – my last roll was done at the equivalent of 11 minutes @ 68F in D76 1:1 – but the base times seem like a fine starting point.

    Graham, yeah, the hat is back, but she needs a new one.

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