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Quick question.
In 2011, if I could pick up the same scanner you used to have (KM Scan Dual IV) for $300 would you say pass, go for it or try and find a Nikon…
I’m new to developing my own B&W at home and just looking for something to scan with that doesn’t make me hate life like scanning 35mm with a cheap flatbed has.
Any comment, very much appreciated.


$300 seems like a lot for the scan dual – it sold for $250 new – but it’s a good scanner. Mine is still in the closet as a backup.

Good to know, thanks for that.
It seems that prices for an decent dedicated film scanners remain unusually stiff.
I know you were pretty thrilled jumping up to the Nikon but I always thought that your scans looked great even before.
Thanks again for the perspective.

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