Pandemic Walks

In the time of corona, our walking radius is much constrained by both common sense and closure of almost anything that would provide for a mid-walk drink or bathroom break. Apart from one or two occasions, we’ve not been much further than a 45 minute radius from the house even if we’ve walked for two hours.

Large poster advertising Uber Eats delivery of Sweetgreen pasted on white painted ply wood covering an opening in a red brick wall.  Slogan "Real food to your real life" A quad of smaller posters advertising an album release.
So real.
4 commercial graded stainless steel washing machines seen through the window of a closed laundromat. Reflections of the photographer and partner in the window.
Where are people washing their clothes? Most of the laundromats seem to be closed.
Bilingual notices to "STAY HOME IF YOU'RE SICK" zip tied to a chain link fence in front of a construction site.
The construction workers do wear masks.
A wilting plant sitting on a heavily built table with black iron legs and greying wooden top seen through a window. Reflection of a woman and construction barriers.
I heard last week from a colleague that she had rescued my office plant from a similar fate.
KESTO graffitied onto a while panel truck flanked by receding ranks of new built luxury apartments on the left and a still operating commercial butcher selling goat on the right.
I woke up with the word Kesto in my head yesterday morning and only remembered its origin after walking past at least two Kesto tags this morning.
A masked figure drags an empty two-wheeled grocery cart past a construction site. Advertisements for the build in progress.
Trader Joes does not open until 9 now.