on the way back from boundary stone


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  1. Nicely framed – “boundary” stone, indeed.

  2. Thanks. It’s a pretty decent neighborhood bar. Nice whiskey selection, decent food, friendly bartenders, but actually fairly far from any of DC’s boundary stone markers. Nearest one has to be a mile or two north at least. http://boundarystonedc.com/

  3. Agree about the whiskey menu, and the rest of the fare looks good, too. I am vaguely familar with that area – a bit out of my old venue, but not too far – near Howard, right?

    I like your next series, too (chemtrails) – always a pleasure to see your new stuff.

  4. It’s probably 10-15 minutes walking east of Howard. When we moved to the neighborhood, there wasn’t anything on that corner except for a liquor store. Now there’s Boundary Stone and Rustik and a high quality takeout pizza place just around the corner (Bacio).

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