Me, M6TTL, 50 Hex (07390028)

M6TTL, 50 Hex, HP5, XTOL

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Hi Matt

A few more nice pictures. I noticed that you are shooting some HP5 and developing in xtol. I’ve grown very fond of this combination with xtol 1+1. Just wondered if you’d tried that dilution or are using stock? Exposing at 400 I tend to develop for 12 minutes with agitation every inute.



1+1 works fine too. Grain is a little finer using stock, and with the cold temp in my house, stock keeps the developing time short enough that I don’t get bored and space out.



That’s a very complicated looking strap 🙂

How do you find HP5 compares with TMax and TriX? HP5 always seemed more grainy than it ought to be for its speed, but I have a feeling I don’t expose so many shots well on TMax.

The strap looks more complicated than it really is, perhaps because I’m also wearing a backpack.

I like HP5 fine. HP5 is grainier than TMax or TriX, but, at least in XTOL, I think it’s also sharper than the latter.

TMax isn’t as tricky as you think. Internet bias aside, it’s probably got more exposure latitude than either HP5 or TriX. The shadows and highlights don’t roll off in the same way – more of a straight line – but it’s actually very forgiving to use. I started out on TMax nearly 20 years ago and only picked it back up in recent years; like it better than anything else now, but sometimes you want a little grain.

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