Magnolia (03630027)

Magnolia, Hexar RF, 50 Hex, Delta 400, Tmax Dev

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Interesting bokeh – at least on my crummy work monitor, it looks like the swirly-type signature of my ancient Summarit wide open. Very different.

Since I am commenting – please keep up the regular posting of photographs. I truly enjoy your B&W film work. To my eye at least you are one of the most interesting of the currently working “internet” photographers.

Max Jenkins

The 50 Hexanon is interesting wide open particularly when used like this at the near limit of its focus. The mixed foliage in the background tends to enhance that swirly look.

Thanks for the compliment; ‘interesting’ is about the highest praise I could ask for. It’s funny that you mention “internet” photographers; the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking more about recalibrating my process for a print oriented work flow. That might mean fewer posts, but hopefully it will lead to higher quality.

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