Looking West (06160012)

Mamiya C330f, 80 2.8, Neopan 400, Xtol 1:1

Mamiya C330f, 80 2.8, Neopan 400, Xtol 1:1

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  1. Wonderful, Matt.

  2. Hmm. The waist level finder.

  3. This portrait works very well – the slightly upward angle of view suits Kate – the only problem with the shot is the shadow line across the lower neck. You might see what cropping that out does for the picture – with a 2 1/4 negative, it should not suffer from a tighter crop.

    Nice tonality, too. Hard to judge the grain from the screen – XTOL should be pretty smooth. I will be interested in how the Rodinal does with the larger format.

  4. Max, yeah there’s plenty of room for cropping, but that shadow is me.

    Xtol is indeed smooth, but so was d76. I expect Rodinal to be smooth as well. That’s just a lot of negative to work with.

  5. Ah, the shadow has significance beyond loss of a zone and a half of exposure!

    Huge negative – that’s why I never got rid of my 2 1/4 cameras. When my technique is up to it, beautiful B&W that could almost be mistaken for large format.

    Looking forward to more of your square shots.

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