Last Weekend in Philly

4 Replies to “Last Weekend in Philly”

  1. Matt, it’s just a pleasure to follow your work. For me it’s the perfect opposite of all the agitated (in the sense of nervous) work and style that gets displayed so often.

  2. Thanks, Markus. That’s an interesting way of putting it.

  3. Ouch. What happened?

    I especially like the skyscraper reflection shot. I like the funny balance to it. The iced knee shot is great also. Quiet, composed tones, and a soft, almost tender sensuality.

    Great to see you posting again. Almost deleted your bookmark, but glad I didn’t. 🙂


  4. Tom, nothing serious. Just a fall while running to catch a train. A bit of ice and a stiff drink did the trick.

    The skyscraper is the Comcast building, a fascinating piece of architecture. The smooth tapered profile when seen from street level makes the building seem much taller than it is, as if it is falling away into the clouds.

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