In the concourse of the NGA

In the concourse of the NGA

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  1. Matt – fascinating effect – how did you get this one? The exposure balance must have been very tough…

    Great result.


  2. The ceiling and wall in this concourse are covered in thousands of white LEDs. Shooting wide open handled the rest. Glad you like it.

  3. Looking at this a couple of more times, I realize the element that works so well is the artifact that results from the geometric arrangement of the little lights. It produces an accentuated natural vanishing point to Kate’s right, but also a second, more subtle element of a faux vanishing point to her left. The composition is really strong.

    The focus is perfect for the composition. Since you appear to be on a moving walkway, you likely did not have a great deal of time to compose – it takes a real eye to see a picture like this in the moment.

  4. Matt I’ve always enjoyed your “reflections” on things. I’m going to re-read what you wrote about the Konica Hexar in a moment and was wondering if you might throw us a bone on the X100.
    Is is enough to ween a passionate film shooter off his film?

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