Expensive Face Slime (06160004)

C330f, 80 f2.8, Neopan 400, Xtol 1:1

C330f, 80 f2.8, Neopan 400, Xtol 1:1

4 Replies to “Expensive Face Slime (06160004)”

  1. Matt,

    Really loving the images posted lately. They have so much depth to them. Very involving. Is it me? Is it you? Is it the magic of medium format?

  2. Matt – you pushed the contrast limits of the material on this one – on my monitor, the hands and the container of expensive slime drop out. If you could just burn those in a tiny bit, this is close to perfect shot – beautiful detail and shape, great composition in the square format, especially the “triangle” of the hands.

    You may find the MF world addictive – it seems to adapt well to your vision.

  3. The lens seems to be exhibiting a sharp transition from in focus to out of focus. Gives a really nice effect.

  4. Max, that likely isn’t so much a materials limit as it is lazy scanning. There’s probably more detail to be had in those highlights.

    Martin, yep, the transition is pretty.

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