Christmas Day, 2010 (07330033)

Christmas Day, 2010
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A fine portrait of the two of you.

I sort of forgot about your blog. Actually, I thought you had discontinued it. Not sure how I got that into my head. And as I was letting the evening evaporate at the keyboard I visited here again and was pleased to see your ongoing work. It inspires me to fire up the scanner and add more entries to my own, pestering, 3 Prints Project which keeps limping along, week by week.

Happy New Year!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks


The blog was dormant for almost a year, but I quietly revived it earlier this fall. Not adding to it at the same pace as before, which makes it a bit more manageable.

I’m exciting to see the return of 3 Prints Project, which remains one of my favorite long term projects from around the web. Always eager to see new work, particular pictures of the dog 😉

Happy New Year to you as well.



Hi Matt,

I am also glad to see your blog revived, always liked (and still do! :-)) your photographic outlook on the world.
If you ever found the time to summarize your experiences with the Mamiya, I am sure that would be read attentively and appreciated by many!

All the best, Hannes

Matt – I just decided to check your old site, and found you had brought it back to life. I have been following your work on Flickr and enjoying it, especially since I know DC pretty well. You photos continue to evolve and improve, especially in technical values – contrast and composition.

This one particularly caught my eye – it reminds me very much of the pictures my wife and I took many years ago in Ann Arbor, and then other places around the country.

Anyway – glad you have the site up and running again.


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