Biogone? (05620034)

M6TTL, Biogon 35 F2, Neopan 400, Xtol 1+1

M6TTL, Biogon 35 F2, Neopan 400, Xtol 1+1

This past weekend, I dusted off the Biogon. It’s been on the shelf for nearly a year, it’s charms forgotten for a while, but shooting a roll through it reminded me why I like this lens. Glad I didn’t sell it.

In other news, I’m considering selling both my Hexar RF bodies and the 28MM and 90MM Hexanon lenses. I’ll probably list them on the RFF classifieds sometime next week, but if any one out there is interested, leave a comment on this post. Condition of all this stuff is well used. The bodies were my daily shooters for a couple of years, so there’s the usual paint loss along the edges etc. The rangefinders are clear and accurate. Everything is functional, although one of the bodies has had the rear eyepiece lens replaced with non-standard equipment, and the other is missing the retaining screw for the frame preview lever – lever still present – and has a slightly sloppy advance mode selector – fixable if you remove the top cover. Neither lens has seen a ton of use, but both show a bit of wear on the barrel. The glass on both is fine though. I have a feeling that this would make a good kit for someone who’s interest in picture making is greater than their budget. Anyone willing to buy the whole lot gets a Domke 803 (tan), a couple of 46mm filters (B&W brand, Red, Light Green, a few others), a Vivitar 285HV, a Nikon flashy sync cord, a Stroboframe, and a bag of expired Kodak 400 UC included at no charge. Please, someone buy the whole lot so I don’t have to hassle with shipping separately. Paypal preferred, but I’ll take a check or money order if it clears.

  • Hexar RF body (retaining screw for frame preview lever missing) rear cap, strap and Nikon SB 30 flash: $400
  • Hexar RF body (rear eyepiece lens replaced) rear cap, strap and Nikon SB 30 flash: $400
  • 28 Hexanon F2.8, front and rear caps: $500
  • 90 Hexanon F2.8, generic front and rear cap: $400

I’ve attached some fairly crummy digital shots. If you need to see something in more detail, I’ll try to get something better.

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  1. Nice post title. Matt, I’d be interested in your thoughts regarding the M6+Biogon vs. the Hexar AF, and particularly the lenses. The Hexar is my favorite camera. I’ve thought of getting a Leica, Bessa, or the Zeiss Ikon in order to 1) more easily use hyperfocal and scale focusing and manual exposure, and 2) use a 50 mm lens.

  2. tsk… tsk…. end of an era, Matt.

    Very fair prices, though. Good luck; I am considering selling mine as well.

  3. Bill, yeah, end of an era and all that. The hexars have been good to me, but it’s time move on.

    James, well, you could buy both hexar bodies I’ve got for sale here for the price of an Ikon, and the whole lot would cost you less than an M6 & Biogon. 😉 Not much to say about Biogon vs Hexar AF; both are excellent. I’ve never been much fan of using scale focusing – which you can do on the hexar af btw – but if you want a 50, you will need something other than the af.

  4. Yes, nice prices. If in the US, I’d be tempted to pick up one of these bodies, but I’m on the other side of the world and the exchange rate… I think I’ll just grab an Olympus OM locally when I find one.

  5. Have you ever given much thought to what it is about the Biogon that gives it that look? I have an old Canon FD 35mm f/2 that I like quite a lot, almost as much as the Biogon, and I think I’m going to take two rolls of FP4, one in the F-1N and one in the Bessa, mount the two cameras on tripods, and do some test shots. Then I’ll develop the two rolls together and compare. My theory is that it isn’t sharpness per se, but something different. Some might call it ‘microcontrast,’ some might call it ‘grittiness,’ but your shot above exemplifies what I’m talking about, especially in the tarmac on the street. Beautiful lens. I think at this point, after shooting the Bessa for about a year, it’s then lens that keeps me shooting the camera (as opposed to an SLR). When Zeiss releases the Biogon for Canon mount EOS and I get a full-frame Canon DSLR (note that the intersection of those two events is sometime far in the future) I might have to get rid of the Bessa.

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