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Efke 400 Update

Hexar RF, XM Biogon 35, Efke 400 @ 250, Tmax Dev Efke 400 Pulled to 250 In my continuing investigations of Efke 400, I shot a couple of rolls at 250 and developed them in Tmax Developer diluted 1+5 at 70 degrees for 5 minutes with 10 seconds agitation every minute. This seems about right […]

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Some Notes on Efke 400

Kate in the Rain, Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Efke 400, Tmax Dev I’ve been wanting to try Efke 400 for a while now, and I’ve recently struck on trying new films as a way to avoid buying new lenses, so I added a half dozen rolls to my last B&H order. I’ve only developed […]

B&W Technique HP5 Photos

HP5 @ 200 + Ilfosol S

HP5 @ 200 in Ilfosol S for 5.5 minutes at 68 degrees looks something like Efke 400 with slightly better shadow detail. These took a bit more PS work to get here than HP5@200 in Tmax. The contrast was higher and the shadows fell apart easier. Hmm, interesting, but perhaps not a winning combination.