But is it a digital Hexar AF?

me, at baked and wired

What’s there to say about a camera that you can sling over your shoulder, take everywhere, and nearly forget about? The Hexar AF was like this. Mercifully too big to be stuck in a pocket, but just right for hanging from a diagonally worn strap, for riding in that spot in your back just below the tail end of your ribs. Somewhat quirky handling. Sometimes frustrating focussing errors due to parallax and an indiscriminate focussing spot, issues only partially overcome by switching to EVF mode. No real spot meter though, or at least not one that I’ve been able to find, although I’m still discovering things. Great lens.

I like it.

looking up

But I haven’t taken that many pictures with it yet. Not entirely the camera’s fault. Once I’d decided that it was competent, and that it wouldn’t annoy me, I found myself buying the glass negative carrier for my Coolscan 9000. The X100 calmed what had been a nagging fear that photography was pretty much going to suck for me once film was gone. It won’t. It won’t be the same, but it will still be fun. And knowing that has given me permission the continue fiddling while Rochester burns. I’ll continue playing with the X100, but there’s pile of film in the cabinet and freshly cleaned Mamiya waiting.