Iceland . . .


My Iceland set is now up on Flickr. A couple of quick notes:

1) I dislike Delta 3200 in 120. I’m fine with the grain, but it just seems a little flat.
2) Traveling with the RF645 is easy.
3) Wear one, pack two.
4) 15 minutes floofering around in the wind, cold & rain will make you ponder the value of very expensive tripod heads.
5) My tall Paterson tank leaks at the joint between the black plastic and the orange lip.
6) Rotational agitation alone is not sufficient to ensure even development of two rolls of 120.
7) I’m still struggling with some 120 scanning artifacts, namely a dark band on the edges of the film perpendicular to the scan path. I’ve talked to Ed Hamrick, but he’s stumped and so am I.
8) It take a long time to develop 14 rolls of 120 in a single roll tank.
9) I’ve ordered an X100.
10) You should listen to Neil Tyson’s inteview with Moby on Startalk Radio. Gray goo is where it is at.
11) Frank Petronio might be onto something.




One from a whole roll shot wide open on the CV 1.4 SC. See the rest here. Still working on developing and scanning Iceland.