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M6TTL, Lens Unrecorded, TMY2, Xtol Stock

M6TTL, Lens Unrecorded, TMY2, Xtol Stock

This might be the last post for a while. I’m off to Paris for week on Friday, and there isn’t much in the photo queue between now and then. I will be starting my SOFOBOMO fuzzy month while on vacation, so more on that when I return.

What the #$%! am I doing for SOFOBOMO


This much I know. Kate and I are bound for a week’s vacation in Paris at the end of May, so I’ll be starting my SOFOBOMO fuzzy month then. Subject; my vacation. Nothing fancier than that. I’m not much of a project photographer by nature, so I need to keep things simple, lest the whole thing implode.

I’ll be shooting with the M6TTL, ZM Biogon 35 F2 and six rolls of film. I’m still undecided about the film stock. Shooting color and dropping it off for processing has some appeal, particularly with the tight time constraints of the project, but the processing burden wouldn’t be so bad with six rolls of B&W. Whatever stock I choose, I am definitely limiting myself to six rolls. Last year, I shot too much and for too long, so this year I plan to spend more time on editing and assembling the book. I plan on posting PDF contact sheets of each roll when the shooting is done, so the editing process will be out there for all to see.

That’s the plan, such as it is. I might end up with a book of happy vacation snaps, but that wouldn’t be a bad outcome for the project.