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M6TTL, 50 Hex, TriX, Xtol

The post-trip film processing continues. I’m down to four rolls to develop. Lots of scanning remains, but I’ve got enough of it done to resume more regular posting. With the bulk of the processing done, I’m just now starting to feel like I’m back from vacation even though I’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks. The post travel readjustment always takes me a bit of time, but this one is taking longer than usual. More on that later, perhaps.

M6TTL, 50 Hex, TriX, Xtol

Everything from this trip was shot on TriX with the M6 and the 50 Hex, processed in Xtol 1+1 for 9 minutes @ 68F (or the equivalent time/temp depending on how cold the water was) and scanned on the trusty Scan Dual IV. No major equipment troubles, but it looks like I had a shutter problem for half a dozen frames on one roll, with vertical streaks marring the frames. A cla might be in order. I suspect that my M6 spent most of its former life on a shelf, so the shutter may need some attention.

I was mostly happy with just the one lens. I could have gone wider at times, but for every wide shot that I wanted, there were plenty of opportunities for a tighter view. A second lens probably wouldn’t have killed me, but we spent a lot of time on our feet, so I was glad to have little to carry. Maybe next time I’ll just take the 35 for the sake of variety.

I’m Kreativ

M6TTL, 50 Hex, TriX, Xtol

In other news, I’ve been presented with a Kreativ Blogger award by Amy Sakurai. Many thanks Amy. Per the rules of the game:

Six things that make me happy:

  • Kate
  • the three major food groups: beer, coffee, pizza
  • econtalk let’s just leave that at the complexity of the world and the appreciation thereof
  • the Sunday paper and 3 hours to kill
  • seeing eye dogs
  • waking up at four a.m. to develop film – really

Six other bloggers who are Kreativ:

Well, that was fun 😉

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M6TTL, 35 1.4 SC, FP4, Xtol

The world appears as if seen through the bottom of a Coke bottle when using the CV 35 1.4 SC wide open.