CV 35 F1.4 SC Optics Photos

Shooting Into the Sun (04550022/29)

Hexar RF, CV 35 1.4 SC, TriX, Xtol
Hexar RF, CV 35 1.4 SC, TriX, Xtol

One of the worries of a single coated lens is flare resistance. The CV 35 1.4 SC seems fine on this account. Although there is definitely evidence of flare here, it does seem to fill in the shadows as is often advertised for single coated lenses. Lower contrast is the result as is clearly shown in the second picture. I’ll need more experience with it before I can use it to effect, but it doesn’t seem likely to cause any insurmountable problems.

I should note that I do not own the hood for this lens, but I do have B+W MRC filter on the front of it.


Chicago, IL, 2nd Day of Spring (04560025)

Hexar RF, CV 35 1.4 SC, TriX, Xtol

Taken through the window of the car as Kate and I drove to Milwaukee last week. 10 inches of snow.


SoFoBoMo Procrastination

Hexar RF, CV 35 1.4 SC, TriX, Xtol

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my SoFoBoMo project, but it hasn’t amounted to much. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • PDF Generation: I’ve played around with Scribus enough to know that I won’t be using it to make my PDF. I suspect I’ll just put something together in Open Office. The production of the PDF is not my primary goal.
  • Physical Output: This is the only piece that is settled. I’ll be gluing tiny prints into a Moleskine Japanese Notebook. This is a 3X5, 60 page gate fold book. I’ve been wanting to do a pocket photobook for a while, and this seems like a suitable project.
  • Gear: For a brief moment, I thought about buying a Lomo LC-A for this project. One of my Flickr contacts has some gorgeous photos done with one of these, the first photos that have made me want any type of toy camera. My moment of infatuation died when I checked out the price of the LC-A. $250! Thank you, but no, I think I’ll pass. I also briefly toyed with the idea of buying one of those big Fuji 6X9 rangefinders and contact printing the negs on actual photo paper. I like that idea, but I’ll be saving it for later. It’s unlikely that I’ll use anything other than my Hexars and assorted lenses.
  • Film: After I discarded the idea of the Lomo, I considered using something goofy like infrared or Delta 3200, and then I realized that any sort of alternative process would just be an attempt to polish a turd. I’ll probably end up using Tri X, since that is what I have on hand at the moment.
  • Start Date: Probably April 1. It’s my eldest sister’s birthday, and I have a dentist appointment that day, so why not start SoFoBoMo too?
  • Topic: Can you stand another 35 pictures of our Robot Overlords? This isn’t so much a topic as an idea for coherent titling of otherwise random photos. I’m not sure how I’ll do the titles in the physical book.

So, that’s the plan, such as it is. I still reserve the right to order that Lomo or maybe a Speed Graphic or a pinhole camera or some other crutch to creativity. If I start posting photos taken with something other than my normal gear, you will know that I’ve chickened out in some way or another.