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“I actually like to stay clear of financial dependencies in this project and enjoy it as it is. I already had turned my hobby to profession once, know how it works and what to expect and even though it worked pretty well for me there is no need to repeat the same move again. I have profession and I have hobby and I like it this way.” MORE

“This is New York. This is the upper east side of Manhattan. I could tunnel, secretly between my apartment and the next door apartment and have a suite. Again – prices would go up substantially – and that could very well put me out of business. That would be just like me – kill many years of hard work because of ego. Oh sure, I’m represented by the xyz fine art gallery in Soho and they have 12 of my prints on the wall. Nah… I like my web home. I like that I can offer over a hundred prints at various sizes.” MORE

“No single model will work for everyone. There’s room for all of us. Some artists are the Coke and Pepsi of music, while others are the fine wine — or the funky home-brewed moonshine. And that’s fine.” MORE

“My point, though, is this: the buyer does not care about your heat bill, or the cost of rubber bands, or even the cost of your printer. The buyer is buying an object, and what the buyer is willing to pay for it has a everything to do with demand for that object and the supply of it. We can alter the buyer’s demand (by advertising, or by giving a convincing story about the object), and we can alter the buyer’s perception of supply (by using limited editions and other gimmicks). I’d argue, though, that those alterations are minor.” MORE

“Smart companies try to commoditize their products’ complements.” MORE

“These points illustrate that you shouldn’t be basing what you do on price, or technical skills. Instead, it should be on vision, and customer service. Is there any difference, really, between this single white t-shirt at Nordstroms for $18, and this pack of 3 fruit-of-the-loom t-shirts at K-Mart for $9.49? Probably not much. But, the service – is it worth it? Nordstrom’s has proven that the answer is yes, and photographers who choose to compete on points other than price or rights-give-aways have shown that it works in our field too.” MORE

Bag, Boots, Camera (04270025)

Bag, Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, HP@800, Ilfosol S

I love that backpack, a Lowe Alpine Onyx. Kate bought it for me before our trip to Europe last year; it easily held a week’s worth of clothes, camera gear and security-checkpoint-paranoia inducing spy novels. It’s light, simple, and it carries well. The top compartment can hold my Hexar RF, my ipod, some chocolate, a tiny notebook I never write in etc etc etc.

The boots, I’m not so crazy about those, but the camera is an old warhorse.