Traitor to Big Yellow (03860027)

Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Efke 400 @ 250, Tmax Dev

Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Efke 400 @ 250, Tmax Dev

Apparently I’m using a lot Ilford products these days, the Tmax developer aside. Note to Ilford; please lower the price of DDX. My puritanical side would get a kick out of running an Ilford process from film to print, but Tmax developer is still a couple of bucks cheaper.

Back from the Beach (03850021)

Car, Hexar RF, 50 Hex, Delta 100 @ 50, Tmax Dev

We have returned. The lake (Lake Michigan) turned over the week before we arrived, so the water temperature averaged a brisk 55 degrees. Too cold for much swimming, which was fine since the turn over also brought up a bunch of seaweed. Nothing like swimming in cold green muck. Just to cap the week off, the starter went out on the Camry, and Kate and I both came back with raging colds. So good times. Good times.

For all that, we still enjoyed ourselves. We took a lot walks, read some back issues of National Geographic (they were better in the 80s), and enjoyed the cool weather and the hijinks of my various cousins. Pictures to follow once I get caught up on the developing and scanning.