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Photographing Like a Filmmaker

If you carry a camera almost everywhere like I do, you might be interested in this post on Alec Soth’s blog in which he details how he photographs like a filmmaker. Soth doesn’t carry a camera everday, but rather plans his projects from concept, funding, shooting, and publication. I’m not actually a huge fan of Soth’s photography, but I can appreciate how well he thinks out and executes his ideas.

I’ve been thinking about this topic off and on for a while now. Carrying a camera everyday has become something of a crutch for me. I get some cool shots of random things, but its one of the things preventing me from taking on bigger projects. Processing all those random shots takes up time and just enough of them are good enough that I can get those warm fuzzy feeling for a job well done. This is a pale subsitute for a coherent portfolio, a published book, fortune, and fame beyond my wildest imagination. Perhaps I should stop carrying a camera everyday.



I’m a little confused by the luke warm response to the new Fuji S5. For those that hadn’t heard the news, here’s the skinny:

  • D200 body, AF and metering
  • Same extended range sensor as the S3 Pro with improvements to the low pass filter

As depreview already noted in their S3 Pro review, the extendended dynamic range function of Fuji’s sensor really works. Furthermore, the S3 Pro had “Good resolution, better than the average six megapixel”. The S5 promises all that and the improved AF, metering, ergonomics and durability of the D200. What’s not to like?